Hi! We are AdventureLocals.

We are two brothers -- Jake and Charlie -- who have traveled a whole lot and know what a good adventure looks like. We grew up in the mountains of Colorado skiing, biking, rafting, hiking, and exploring. Jake is a professional skier, who’s sport and lifestyle has taken him around the world. Charlie has traveled to over 50 countries, worked as a commercial raft guide, and has plenty of other places left to see.

Through our time, research, and adventures around the world we’ve gained lots of knowledge and made a lot of local connections. We’ve trekked through the himalayas, surfed epic breaks off the coast of El Salvador, rappelled through wild canyons in the Swiss Alps, gripped our paddles on the Grand Canyon, and many more experiences we want to share with you.

Like any active travelers, we’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way. Although with every mistake, and through our years of traveling, we came to realize the value of a good local guide. So much so, we became determined to find guides who understand our travel style and thirst for adventure. Local guides who will elevate our trips without sacrificing the sense of adventure that is a priority.

And so that is what we did… we created AdventureLocals to be the online hub for the active traveler to discover adventures in unique destinations, vetted by people you can trust with local connections, and for the simple goal of good stories, accomplishments, and adventures.

We’ve personally skied, biked, hiked, surfed, rafted, and explored with multiple guides in each off-the-beaten-path destination we offer. We found the local guide versions of ourselves who know the areas and are connected with the community. We personally know the best local guiding companies with years of experience in their discipline, who constantly create unique trips for adventurous personalities, and can lead you to accomplish amazing heights while traveling.

Bottom line… We know that the right local guide makes a world of difference on your trip, and we’re here to connect you with that guide. We can assure you that AdventureLocals is right for your style: off-the-beaten-path with an emphasis on local experiences and creating stories for a lifetime.

We want to share our most memorable adventure travel destinations with you.

AdventureLocals is different from other travel companies because all of our trips are sought out by us personally. Not only do we refuse to send clients on trips that we have not personally experienced, we have years of first hand experience and insider knowledge about our destinations.

For Example, we have over 100 combined multi-day rafting trips on the Green River, Yampa River, and the Grand Canyon, nearly a decade of winters spent in Japan, and over 1,000 hours surfing in Central America. Our advice for a trip that you are interested in doesn't come from a guide book, it is from our first-hand experiences.

We know adventure, we know travel, and we are happy to share our knowledge with you.

AdventureLocals.com is NOT a corporate travel agency that no longer has any true connection to the places they send clients. AdventureLocals will NOT over promise and under deliver on your adventure. Nor are we your friends who roam Venice with a guidebook full of tourist sights and 'must-do' activities. We are part of the outdoor industry and hope that the expert secrets, photos, and videos throughout this site can attest to our knowledge and experience in our select, unique destinations.

Let us lead you through the entire process of booking an adventure trip because we want you to sit on the beach, or Everest Base camp, with an epic story that proves you made the right decision.

So, it is nice to meet you! Please explore our site and watch our videos. Ask us anything. We want to share so much knowledge with you that you’ll be itching to book a trip with or without us… but we hope it’s with us.

- Jake & Charlie

“Your AdventureLocals”

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