Rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon is one of the most amazing things that you can do in a lifetime. Don't settle for simply peering into the Grand Canyon from the parking lot miles above, see the entire canyon from the inside on an adventure that you will never forget. 

About This Trip:

Covering 225 river miles, this classic Grand Canyon rafting trip on the Colorado River offers all the scenery, side canyons and whitewater excitement of our full canyon trip.  Experience the glories of Marble Canyon, the mysteries of the Inner Gorge, terrific side hikes and Native American ruins, crystalline creeks and waterfalls, cactus gardens and whitewater galore. Grand Canyon whitewater rapids cover the full spectrum of foaming ripples to the notorious churning roar of Lava Falls. We run it all and still have plenty of time to hike and explore the numerous side canyons, which crisscross this magnificent region, each having its own unique attractions, just waiting to be discovered. Along the way, we may encounter canyon wildlife including bighorn sheep, deer, coyote and a variety of birds. Our last night is spent camping in the shattered Hurricane fault zone before we head to Diamond Creek for the conclusion of our Grand Canyon adventure.

Guided by our trusted local partners: OARS
Dories on the beach

Sample Itinerary:

(There are many variations to this trip, ranging from 8 - 18 days in length. The below itinerary is for the entire length of the canyon from Lees Ferry to the Diamond Creek takeout - typically a 14-18 day trip)

  • Meet in Flagstaff, AZ then drive to Lees Ferry for the put-in for our Grand Canyon rafting adventure

  • The Navajo Bridge gives us our last view of “civilization” as we embark on our journey of a lifetime

  • The Colorado River carves its route through Marble Canyon unveiling layer upon layer of textures and hues with half a billion years’ worth of Paleozoic rock walls standing before us

  • We encounter our first taste of whitewater as we meet up with Badger and Soap Creek rapids

  • Our boats float past fern covered oases of Vasey’s Paradise

  • As the river bends we see the inviting limestone chamber of Redwall Cavern

  • We forge on downstream for a hike up to the Puebloan granaries of Nankoweap with epic vistas below

  • Back on the river the rapids of Unkar, Hance and Sockdolager engulf us with excitement

  • The canyon grows closer together forming the crimson and black walls of the Upper Granite Gorge

  • We navigate some of the biggest whitewater in the canyon including Crystal, Sapphire, Turquoise and Ruby rapids

  • At Elves Chasm we encounter fern grottoes with shimmering crystal pools while Blacktail Canyon engulfs us with ribbon-fluted walls looming overhead

  • Once again the canyon closes in as we enter Granite Narrows, the narrowest part of the canyon

  • A short distance ahead we hear the 125’ downpour of Deer Creek Falls

  • We continue gliding through geologic time as we row our boats ashore to the limestone slot canyon known as Matkatamiba where a wide natural amphitheater awaits our arrival

  • Upset Rapid gives us one last challenge before we camp for the night

  • We visit Havasu Canyon for time to hike or just relax along the blue-green cascading pools

  • Run the notorious Lava Falls as we descend into the Lower Granite Gorge

  • Depart the river at Diamond Creek, then back to Flagstaff by van

Little Colorado River Confluence
Lunch break in the Grand Canyon

Here at Adventurelocals.com we have worked as guides on this stretch of river for nearly a decade and have completed Manu successful trips. Ask us anything about the Grand Canyon and we will gladly share our knowledge of this amazing place. 

When do you want to raft the Grand Canyon?
When do you want to raft the Grand Canyon?