“We’ve personally skied, biked, hiked, surfed, rafted, and explored with multiple guides in each off-the-beaten-path destination we offer. We know adventure, we know travel, and we are happy to share our knowledge with you. Let us lead you through the entire process of booking your next adventure trip.”

Charlie Cohn - Founder, AdventureLocals

Trekking in Nepal

trekking nepal

Reach places you never thought possible on the adventure of your dreams

AdventureLocals surf Portugal

Surfing Portugal

Your new favorite surf family in your new favorite country

AdventureLocals Surf El Salvador

surfing el salvador

Authentic experience with world class surf in a country less traveled

AdventureLocals rafting

Whitewater rafting

Some of the most amazing landscapes that you will ever see & non-stop fun


Canyoning Switzerland

Hiking, swimming, jumping, sliding, and rappelling through natural and wild canyons in the Swiss Alps

Ski Japan

Deep Powder in Japan

Ski. Sushi. Relax. Repeat.


We are the online hub for the active traveler to discover adventures in unique destinations, vetted by people you can trust with local connections, and for the simple goal of good stories, accomplishments, and adventures.

Bottom line… We know that the right local guide makes a world of difference on your trip, and we’re here to connect you with that guide. We can assure you that AdventureLocals is right for your style: off-the-beaten-path with an emphasis on local experiences and creating stories of a lifetime.



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