Adventure Locals and Pukka Travels Partnership

The Locals Group LLC is interested in a partnership with Pukka Travels.

Our business began with, a travel agency that sends clients to ski and snowboard in Japan. founders Jake and Charlie Cohn first visited Japan in 2011 to make promotional videos for Japanese ski resorts and hotels. We have returned to Japan to ski every winter since and our filming and photos have progressed into professional quality productions that showcase everything these Japanese resorts have to offer and reach sizable audiences. 

Our winters in Japan have led to relationships with popular resorts and unknown destination alike. We have skied at dozens of places throughout the country and have traveled by plane, train, bus, subway, taxi, rental car, ferry, and camper van between ski destinations. We have hiked, skinned, explored and been very lost in the search for the best lines and deepest pockets of snow. 

This insider knowledge of Japan's winter destinations combined with our own knowledge of traveling and skiing led to the travel agency. 


SnowLocals is unique because of our passion for travel and skiing, but more importantly because of our firs-hand experiences in the places we send clients. Each trip is custom made and includes places we know personally. We are not like the large travel agencie that no longer have any true connection to the places they send clients. 

Numbers at a glance:

Although we have been skiing in Japan for 6 years and helping to promote the Japanese ski resorts for the same amount of time, the travel agency has only been in operation for 2 full winters. In this time:

  • We have made bookings in Japan for 108 individuals in 43 separate groups.

  • In total, we have sent over US$ 150,000 to Japanese accommodations and tour operators. 

  • From the first season to this season, we saw an increase in gross revenue of 87%

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