One Week Surf Camp

private room with ensuite



This time, don’t fly over El Salvador bound for Costa Rica or Nicaragua. Make El Salvador your destination and see someplace new. You will be glad you stopped in this up and coming central American gem. If you are a surfer, then this is your paradise. 

First, let us get one thing out of the way: the places we offer to send you in El Salvador are perfectly safe. I am in El Salvador as I write this and there are happy visitors traveling in families with kids, as groups of friends, and many are solo and loving it. We have all heard the rumors that El Salvador can be dangerous, but those telling you this probably haven’t been. Still worried about the capital of San Salvador? Then don’t go there. The airport is nowhere near the city and the hotels we send you to are in friendly beach communities. 

I can assure you that El Salvador is increasingly becoming a more popular spot for tourists and surfers. Like Nicaragua 10 years ago, or Costa Rica before that, El Salvador is becoming popular for it’s beauty, people, and waves (and coffee). It’s easy to get to, come check it out.